WWFDWNFT - Chapter 1: The Dawn of the Imagination Age
Presented by Nifty Gateway & IV Gallery.
“The beauty of the NFT space for artists, is once you have an audience that understands digital ownership via NFT's, what that art can be has unfathomable possibilities. I've created an artwork that is a Documentary, it has narrative, imagery, varied subject matter, everything you'd expect from a painting or digital work by me, but in short documentary film format.“- Gabriel “GG” Gimenez. ​​​​​​​
"WWFDWNFT - Chapter 1: The Dawn of the Imagination Age," is the first installment in the short documentary series "What Would Fado Do with Non-Fungible Tokens," which premiered on the NFT platform Nifty Gateway on August 12th, 2022.  
The series is produced and directed by London & Miami based multidisciplinary artist Gabriel "GG" Gimenez in partnership with OURCAMP Productions and an outstanding group of creatives. "Chapter 1: The Dawn of the Imagination Age" focuses on the conversation surrounding the intersection of fine art & NFTs. This project is also one of the first short films to use NFT technology as a means of independent film distribution.
For this first installment, Gimenez and his team interviewed some key artists, curators, entrepreneurs and government officials who are leading the way in this new and exciting space. The list includes: founders of NFT NOW Alejandro Navia and Matt Medved, Griffin Cock Foster co-founder of NiftyGateway, Defaced, Kid8, Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, Raina Mehler director of Pace gallery and Vincent Harrison, owner of iv gallery and Digital Nativ.
Collection Details
The collection is currently available for purchase on Nifty Gateway’s secondary marketplace.
How to watch the full short film?
The full short film is also available for public viewing on Nifty Gateway’s secondary marketplace. Once you access the secondary marketplace, be sure to click on the spinning CD and the full 21min short film will play from start to finish.
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Hosted by the University of Miami