University of Miami 
On August 2nd of 2022 News@TheU interviewed Gimenez about the first installment in the short documentary series “What Would Fado Do with Non-Fungible Tokens” which highlights artists, curators, entrepreneurs, and government officials at the forefront of the intersection of fine art and NFTs.
In May of 2021, HYPEBEAST covered the first collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) created by the iconic brand PAC-MAN. The collection was produced in partnership with avatar creation company Genies and Bandai Namco Entertainment to celebrate the 41st birthday of the iconic game. Genies enlisted the help of several digital artists, including Baugasm, Cory Van Lew, Gabriel Gimenez, NFN Kalyan, Defaced, and Render Fruit, to create the wearable PAC-MAN NFTs.​​​​​​​
Imagen Magazine, a publication based in Miami with international coverage, featured an article about the work of Miami-based artist Gabriel Gimenez in 2016. The article included an in-depth interview with Gimenez as well as a series of exclusive illustrations created specifically for the magazine.
Talking Off The Wall
Gabriel Gimenez was featured on the cover and in an article for the Miami-based publication "Talking Off The Wall" during Art Basel/Miami Art Week in 2014. The article included information about Gimenez's collaboration with The London Police, an exclusive photo shoot and interview, and a limited edition poster by the artist. Gimenez also had a role in the creative direction for for this one and some of the other issues published by the magazine and was responsible for creating the principal typography used by the publication.​​​​​​​
The May - June 2013 issue of L'uomo Vouge featured a collaboration with a group of up-and-coming and established artists on a one-day photoshoot showcasing several designer eyewear pieces. The article included information about the work and cultural impact of each artist, and highlighted Gabriel Gimenez's presence in the Miami art scene, the evolution of his character Fado, and his recent international exhibitions.