Who the Fuck Wants to Look at Art on Screens? I
“Who the Fuck Wants to Look at Art on Screens?” is a collection inspired by the technological wave of interaction.
The series details the moment in which a museumgoer is presented with a work of the sublime, to which the individual responds by pulling out their phone. Gabriel Gimenez has been interested in the relationship with people and their devices for years. This collections was further inspired by recent trips The Artist took to London and New York. Gimenez observed that, even though the culture and attitude differed in these locations, the common behavior of reaching for our phones and using them in everyday life is found all over the modern world.
Digital forms of interaction may be due to a number of reasons; to capture the beauty and share with a loved one, to document a special moment in time, or to simply remember the details in the hopes of recreating something nearly as powerful. However, other reasons could also include the desire to share photos of an otherwise mundane day on social media, with no interest or understanding in the art around them. Our reasons are ever-growing and increasingly complex.
As this behavior is quickly becoming the norm, Gabriel Gimenez’s collection draws attention to the transitional phase we are going through; by only experiencing the world with our phones by our sides, and more often than not, in front of our faces. Gimenez aims to highlight how our relationship with these devices is evolving and what the future holds for humans living with technology.
The collection is composed of five different animations and five different digital stills. All the pieces are also available for purchase on the secondary marketplace of the NFT platform Nifty Gateway. ​​​​​​​