Who the F#%k Wants to Look at Art on Screens? II
"Who The F#%k Wants to Look At Art On Screens" II is the second installment in a series and the fourth digital collection created by Gabriel "GG" Gimenez. The collection was presented by iv gallery on the Nifty Gateway platform. The collection is intended to be a satirical wake-up call for people who have been slow to adopt the world of digital collecting, pointing out that they have been consuming culture and experiences through screens for years.
The series details the moment in which a museum-goer is presented with a work of the sublime, to which the individual responds by pulling out their phone to capture and interact with the historically important master piece. Gimenez, during his many museum visits worldwide, observed that, even though the culture and attitude differed by country, there was commonality in the behavior of reaching for phones and using them to capture and consume content, without taking time to experience the content physically in the moment.
For this collection the artist draws inspiration from three iconic works from three of the most recognized artists of modern art history, Jean Michelles Basquiat, Andy Warhol and Keith Haring.