Art Vessel 
2018 Suncoast Regional Emmy Winner.
Starting in the year 2013, interviews began after a meeting between Director Mateo Vengoechea and Producer Gabriel “GG” Gimenez decided it was time to document the way Miami was starting to grow. After planning interviews with artists well immersed in the community, a three to four man crew captured some of the main local talent during a wide range of events including the yearly art festival Miami Art Week better know as “Art Basel”.   
As the City of Miami continue to develop as an international art hub, we have placed ourselves in the middle of this cultural and economic movement by interviewing and portraying both up and coming as well as established artists in the Miami scene. As the narrative develops the city of New York comes into play as we visit its galleries to ask what one the biggest art capitals of the world thinks of the Sunny City and its quick rise in the art world. With interviews from local and nationally known artist Gabriel “GG” Gimenez to New York fashion and designer visionary Jeff Staple, “Art Vessel” looks to put the right eye on Miami art.